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I have been on Birth Control for 3 years now, and I take it so I dont have a period, though I sometimes have break threw bleeding. I started a new pack forgetting 3 pills in a row, and during that time I had sex. I had a little break threw bleeding following those days for a day which wasnt a period. .. Stupidly I didnt use a backup method, and was wondering what are my chances I am prego. I am having some brown dischrage, and really bad cramps like I should have a period. my breast arent tender tender, but they sometimes get sore on the sides.. I am dizzy, and tired all the time!.. . Is this pregnancy sings, or a reaction from my BC pills?


Hi there,

If you had unprotected sex during the three days of the beginning of a new pack, you were (fortunately) having sex during a time when you most likely weren't ovulating. AND, if you've been on bc for three years, then your body will take at least a day or two to revert back to it's normal functioning, meaning that the chances of you being pregnant are pretty low. And missing three pills in a row could definately cause brownish discharge, breast pain and dizzyness- by not taking your pill for three days, you essentially put your body into a state of estrogen withdrawal.

BUT there is always a chance that you ARE pregnant. Keeping in mind that our reproductive systems are designed to encourage pregnancy, there is always a chance. So, even though the chance is slim, I would suggest taking a pregnancy test. You can take an EARLY RESPONSE test as early as 5 days before your expected period (for you, since you don't have periods, you could take it on day 17 or 18 of your birth control cycle). It the best way to know for sure.

I would also suggest that you might benefit from considering different types of birth control. If you missed three pills in a row, it's possible that an IUD or a monthly birth control might be better suited for you. Then you never have to worry about missed pills and unprotected sex! Something to think about...