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I am 18 year old male,i used to masterbate 1/2 times day.I violently rubbed my penis to ejaculate the third tlme and afterwards i had pain.The next day i masterbated despite the pain and after ejaculating the pain grew and the skin was (broken) and there was no blood but fluid (probably serum)was comming out. I bandaged rhat area after about 3 to4 days the whole area became red and more fluid is coming out .Is it an infection? plz help me out. what should i apply?


a bandage just keeps the wound open and it is just heading for infection. the first thing you should do is clean the wound. yes it will hurt but u have no choice. you should probably clean it two to three times daily. if it doesnt clear up in a couple of day go to a doctor.


Hi Agony:

It sounds as though you lack a foreskin and you have friction burns.

Masturbation is relaxing, pleasant, harmless, healthy, and contributes to restful sleep if done before bedtime.

How you do it depends on whether you have an internally lubricated foreskin that glides up and down the shaft or whether you have been unforeskinned.

If you are foreskinned, then all you need to do is slide your foreskin back and forth. The internally lubricated foreskin glides without friction.

If you are unforeskinned, then you will need some lubrication and you need to slide your hand up and down the shaft. You will likely injure yourself without lubricant. Some lubricants are baby oil, vegetable oil, personal lubricant, soapy water, and saliva.

It is common, however, for a unforeskinned male, who has been deprived of his internally lubricated foreskin, to have friction burns if he does not apply external lubricant.

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