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Sexual intercourse is an appropriate way to interact with a partner in order to take your relationship to a more meaningful level. In modern society, this constraint does not necessarily need to apply to all couples as sex is becoming more and more casual but this debate is for another topic. After having sex with a partner for a long period of time, it is only natural that the appeal can start to dwindle. This is a stage where couples either can fizzle out or attempt to recreate the spark by doing experimental ideas in order to elevate their sexual pleasure. 

One such option that patients can attempt to do involves their urethra. This is the tube that connects your bladder to the surface of your body so you are able to excrete urine or semen in male patients. It is also a very fragile structure and can easily become damaged if risky sexual practice occurs. Participants in this behavior do what is referred to as urethral sounding. This is the process of inserting some object up the urethra of a patient to enhance the sexual pleasure of an orgasm. 

Any object that is inserted into the urethra can be damaging.

Even when patients are catheterized with a Foley catheter during an operation, physicians worry that scar tissue can develop on the surface of the urethra because of friction of inserting the rubber tubing into the urethra. This occurs under ideal circumstances as well where trained medical professionals with years of experience are performing the procedure. They also have access to lubricants that can help reduce the chance of scarring. In a similar situation when you find yourself at home with a partner, you may lack the same skilled hand that a medical practitioner would have so the risk of damage can be much higher in your case. 

The reason scarring in the urethra can be so dangerous is because it is irreparable. The scar tissue that forms is capable of causing strictures along the tubing making it hard for you to urinate. This interruption in the flow of urine can increase your chances of urinary tract infections, sepsis and urinary stones as the fluid does not have a clear path to flow out of anymore. 

Not only could the flow of urine be interrupted, but the passage of semen could also become much more tricky. Males can even become impotence and have erectile dysfunction if they simply do something accidentally to their urethra. 

As you should clearly see by now, this is not a way any physician would recommend for you to increase your sexual pleasure. There are many unnecessary risks that you are exposing yourself to through urethral insertions and it may complicate your chances of childbirth in the future because of it. It is best to consult with your urologist if you have done this type of behavior in the past to make sure that you are free from urethral strictures and that you are still capable of having children. [1]

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