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Millions of people throughout the world enjoy watching fireworks during new year's celebrations. Fireworks are stunning, but they may cost you an arm and a leg - literally. How can you prevent fireworks injuries?

Are fireworks an important part of your new year's celebration? Fireworks can look stunning, but they can also kill or permanently injure you. Here's how to enjoy the new year in once piece.

How To Handle Fireworks Safely

If fireworks are legal where you live, there is usually also a set of requirements the fireworks must meet. The very first firework safety tip is to exclusively purchase fireworks carrying your local safety certificate.

Your fireworks should always be purchased legally, in stores that are allowed to sell them. Are you not sure about local safety certificates and licensed fireworks retailers? Your local fire department is always a great place to start asking questions! While you are at it, ask them if there are any restrictions on when and where you may legally use fireworks.

If you are planning to ignite fireworks, thinking about the kind of clothes you are going to wear before you start will greatly add to your safety. Leather, wool and cotton are natural materials that will not catch fire as easily as synthetic fabrics. Leather gloves may keep your hands safe. Another thing to think about is coat collars — a piece of firework is more likely to get stuck between your clothing and body if there is a space between the collar and your body.

A final bit of advice about clothing and fireworks is to never store fireworks you want to use later in your pockets. This puts you at risk of fire, obviously. There are plenty of people who decide to ignore this common sense tip, though. If you are one of them, at the very least make sure your put the fireworks in your coat pocket and that you can take your coat of very easily.

While you are getting ready to light fireworks, make sure that there aren't any bystanders who could get hurt in the vicinity. Neither children nor adults should run around while fireworks are being lit, and people who are drunk or even slightly intoxicated should not handle fireworks at all.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I'll add that children should never be allowed to light fireworks either.

Fireworks should always be lit one at a time, while strictly following the instructions. Portfires are a safe method to light fireworks; don't use a lighter. Lighting with cigarettes is another option. Don't place fireworks in containers, tie things to them, or otherwise interfere with their structural integrity. Light the firework while holding it away from your face and body, and where appropriate while it is placed in a holding device designed for the firework.

Never try to light a firework that failed to ignite again, but instead throw such fireworks into a bucket of water you have prepared for this purpose in advance.

This bucket of water can also come in very handy if there is a fire. You should also have a fire blanket for this purpose. Keep the number of your fire department or the emergency services on you as well, and make sure your phone has both credit and battery.

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