Hi, I have very light periods, some months no bleeding, just PMT (very sore breasts) and then terrible cramps and bloating that is so bad I look 6 months pregnant for days on end.  The cramps and swelling are apparently because I have developed Adenomyosis and have an enlarged cervix. I am 43 and I had a thermal ablation two years ago for heavy irregular bleeding. At first, the periods were barely there, then gradually they got to the stage where I need panty liners for a couple of days... and that is how they are most of the time now.  If I get some bleeding, generally the period is a better one than when there is no bloodloss at all, but to be honest it is so erratic and impossible to judge what will happen from one month to the next!

I am trying to avoid pregnancy. I looked into natural family planning and decided to try using a basal temperature thermometer. I have been attempting to chart this (using a very informative online site) to help me see when I am ovulating.  But, some months, I get no blood loss at all, making it difficult to tell the first day of a new cycle, and making it difficult to see what is going on!!  I intend to try and use other methods to learn more about my cycle such as looking at cervical secretions and even considered buying an OPK testing kit to help me see when I am ovulating.  I am terrified of becoming pregnant and although I use a barrier method of contraception, it is not the most reliable, and my Doctor said I won't be offered sterilization on the NHS... especially as I am 43 and probably not far off menopause anyway! I have two children. I have IBS also, which confuses many symptoms such as constipation and bloating.  My doctor has offered me antidepressants on occasion but I am determined to avoid them. If anybody out there has any similar experience and can offer me some advice that would be great!