Please help me out guys I need advice! I am 22 years old,I lost my virginity & Had protected sex three weeks ago during the first week of June (he used a condom). He changed condom 3 times because he kept getting hard and not hard and I read it is always best to change condoms once the pe*** isn’t erect anymore. He did not come at all that day. However, it was during the week I was ovulating(according to my cycle app). I am now 4 days late for my period (or on day 42 of my cycle). My periods are always irregular but my cycles are usually 34 days long. The longest cycle I’ve had in the past was 38 days. Also, the last time I had my period was in May 15-20. Last week I was very stressed out I’m not sure if that could be a reason why I am late. I have taken two pregnancy tests the last 2 weeks (from dollar tree) and they were both negative. My period is always irregular but I am freaking out because of my vaginal discharge.  I have been getting “false alarms” that I got my period but when I go check it’s just either watery discharge or a little bit of milky white discharge. I was looking online and they could be indicators of pregnancy which is alarming. Also, I have been having pms such as increased appetite, cramps, mood swings and bloating. I have not experienced any nausea or vomiting nor have I felt my breasts tender. I just freak out by the thought of being pregnant. Would there be a possibility I could be if I’ve had negative tests, protected sex and no cum at all? I am afraid because it was the first time I ever had sex and although we used a condom I know there are chances for error. The condom didn’t break or slip while we had sex. Another last thing is that I have been having cramps the past two days but still no period. Any advice is much apreciated.