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Hi, im seventeen years old ; eighteen in December. My period has always been irregular. It used to be at the beginning of every month, and then in the middle of the next, usually around the 15th. But then it kinda switched things up, and was usually from the 10-15th and then the 15-20 the next month. and would alternate like that. i'm not on birth control, and don't make sex a regular part of my life. I however did get my period from the 10-15th of march. i had sex on the 24th, and he ejaculated in me, but says he has a really low sperm count, almost sterile. But because the time that we did have sex, should have been close to the time i was ovulating, but i can usually tell when im ovulating, and i didnt think i had done it then. Due to a ovulation calendar site it says i should get my period on the 10th of april. Today, March 31'st i woke up with some bleeding. It was dark in color, like a rich new blood. & wasnt just a drop or anything. it was a pretty good amount, and im wearing a pad because it's light but still there. I've had cramps now the past week since the day after i had sex. (last saturday, exactly a week ago) i've read that bleeding anywhere from 3-12 days after having sex could mean conception, and that u bleed just a little bit because the egg is implanting. but it says that cramping should not occur. i don't have nasea, dizzyness, mood swings, breast or back tenderness, none of that. just cramps and a little bit of blood today. i realize thers a chance that my period is just.. going in a crazy cycle, cause its never really been on time. because of the pain (the cramps) ive been having i've read that it could be an eoptic? pregnancy?.. any ideas what might be going on? i shouldnt be able to see if im pregnant by use of apregnancy test until the 10th or so. a good week and a half away. i've been really stressed out the past week maybe that has somethinh to do with this all. my stomach still hurts, it almost feels like menstral cramps, and i've gotten bigger (kind of seems like im retaining water like i do when im on my perioD) but i have been eating more, always seems like im hungry (pre-menstral munchies?)


Well it really is difficult to know really.

Most important of all: your cycle is erratic, it could very well be that! Plus stress can mess with your cycle.

However, cramping CAN accompany implantation bleeding, which is usually only a very light spotting, not a rich bleed, as your described, and usually occurs 8-12 days after sex.

Ovulation prediction sites should NOT be trusted. They work by assuming you have a luteal phase of 14 days, and as you know, every woman is very different! especially as your cycle is irregular.

(I am assuming here, so please correct me if I am wrong) If your boyfreind is of a similar age to you, why has he had fertility tests done? medical reasons? It seems a little suspicious.... but its only speculation mind.

Early response pregnancy tests can detect a period before your period is due!