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When I realized gastroesophageal reflux disease affects at least an estimated 5% to 7% of the global population, I saw it is really a problem. My doctor prescribed me long-term medications, so I wonder if that is ok. Could you tell me more about these problems with reflux?


Heartburn and acid regurgitation experienced weekly has been found to occur in 19.8% of individuals with gastroesphageal reflux. Although common, this reflux often is unrecognized, and its symptoms are misunderstood. This is unfortunate because gastroesphageal reflux is generally a treatable disease. Serious complications can result in case it is not treated properly. This disease may be present even without apparent symptoms. Heartburn is so common that it often is not associated with a serious disease, like this reflux appearing. All too often, it is either self- treated or mistreated, as a chronic disease. Treatment usually must be maintained on a long-term basis, as your doctor recommended to you. It must be done even after symptoms have been brought under control. Issues of daily living and compliance with long-term use of medication need to be addressed as well in problem of gastroesphageal reflux. Various methods to treat this condition range from lifestyle measures, use of medication, and surgical procedures.


Tips I have found that help reduce reflux:

1. Stop smoking. Smoking relaxes the stomach sphincter muscle and I found that I relfuxed badly after a smoke. I have stoped now for 3 years and the reflux is almost gone.

2. After a meal, eat nuts. Better to use the tree nuts rather than ground nuts - but they will work as well. A handfull is all that is needed.

3. Use Potassium Citrate diluted in water (15ml/500ml) as medication for reflux. It is VERY cheap and works well.

4. When at the gym, make a mix of the above mixture and use it as you do your gym. The pressure on the stomach will cause reflux, but the mixture will keep it at bay. I can now do any exercise I want to.

5. Stop drinking coffee!

6. Eat small meals and foods that bloat the stomach. Fizzy drinks have not bothered me much.

All in all I regard my reflux problem over. I hope this helps.