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I have had heartburn with acid reflux for 30 years. I have taken medicine scense then and it is mostly under countrol until recently. I take 40mg omniprozole in am and pm. I had a upper gi procedure done to day and it has told me I have an irregular Z line and Gastrlic Mucosal abnormality. They did biopsys on both and say the results will come in 10 days. Can anyone elighten me on this now?



Hi accessterry,

Irregular Z line is something that happens to majority of people who suffer from chronic acid reflux. Z line is medical term for the lower part of esophagus, and in people who have acid reflux frequently, the esophagus cells in this area get damaged by stomach acid, sometimes leading to the condition called Barrett’s esophagus. The biopsy will either confirm you have Barrett’s or it will just show esophagus cells damaged by acid. As far as gastric mucosal abnormality - it really depends on what type of abnormality did they found. Generally this means that the lining of your stomach is irritated - which would be no surprise given you suffer from acid reflux for this long. I’m assuming they’re doing the biopsy to make sure it is only acid irritation that’s causing it.

Wish you all the best,