Is it possible to damage stomach and stomach lining by inhaling while smoking into stomach instead of lungs. I believe that is what happened to me as I found myself breathing more by my stomach than lungs. I have been just a recreational smoker but I remember how bad my stomach always felt after night with friends. Now I have constant pain in my stomach and after all the GI workup doctors haven't find anything else except gastritis and possibly reflux. I feel all the food I eat for hours in my stomach and saliva and digestion causes very bad odor comming out of my mouth. I believe there is also something wrong with my saliva as I tried fasting. When I break the fast with friut or fruit juices my salivary glands under lower jaws swell so much that it hurts to turn my head and swallow.
Did anyone experience this?
What do you thing could be wrong and can you please recomend any treatment. I have tried all reflux medications but that makes me more sick. I have tried probiotics but no much change.
Any help will be much appreciated.