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I have tried to figure out what is wrong with me for a few years now and I can't figure it out. I am only 25, 115lbs, and work out. I love food and eating but I have a lot of issues with my stomach that make it hard to enjoy these things. These are my symptoms... what is wrong with me?!!! They may not all be related to one thing... but I need help. :-(

burping constantly
fowl smelling gas
acid reflux
excessive loose stools
neck pain
back pain
upset stomach
feeling full and bloated-- lower stomach
pain in my upper stomach-- burning
headaches-- pressure, slight dizziness that doesn't stop for hours, but I can function slightly normally, just feel off balance

I thought I had gastritus, acid reflux, maybe even crohns... not sure. please help me out.



Hi there! These are some serious digestive symptoms you are experiencing. Most of these I experience every month as pms syndromes, but it lasts one week maximum and I'm back to normal. Could that be the case? Or these are digestive symptoms you are suffering all the time? It could be easily caused by some bacteria. Maybe there's some food which causes you all that and so should be avoided. If it's bacteria you should see with your doctor what's the proper treatment, the bacteria could cause you some serious problems. But the most probable solution is a change in food habits, you just need to figure out what kind of food your stomach doesn't digest that well. I hope this will help you and you'll get better soon.


I am 22, 117 pounds and deal with some of the same symptoms.

Diarrhea, loose stools, upset stomache, bloated, gassy.
So I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrom, which did nothing for me because there is no treatment.
In every other respect I am completely healthy, then I found that a lot of those symptoms can be associated with Celiac disease or an intolerance of glutens.
I have become 100x better, I used to have stomache pain every day and it is close to eliminated.
Just a thought, try it out.

Hope that helps.


I have the same issues, although instead of Diarrhea I constantly need to vomit. Have you tried a Gluten free diet? That helped me and also a low FODMAPs diet. Good Luck!