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i feel severe burning in my chest. its have been two days. is it can be the symptom of any tumour. i feel like im going to die soon.what test are to taken to find my disease


Hello rosline,

Any chest pain is something that you need to check with your doctor, especially if it's getting stronger or starts spreading. Before you start thinking about the worst possible options, there are several far more common reasons that might cause this type of chest pain - you should first make sure everything is OK with your heart. Other than hear problems, the far more common reason that can cause burning chest pain is acid reflux or heartburn. The acid that your stomach uses to digest food in this case rises up your esophagus and since this acid is pretty strong - it causes a burning pain, usually starting in the middle of the chest, than radiating upwards. You can ease the heartburn pain with over-the-counter antacid medication, they usually work well on their own, but you also should see a doctor and confirm that this is what's causing your problems,

Wish you all the best