Im 19 years old, im loosing my hair, my doctor recomended me using propecia, I dont wanna lose my hair so young and im concidering taking it. As i was reading about propecia i found out about the dihydrotestosterone and how propecia helps inhibit the creation of this androgen. So I wondered what good things did the DHT made to your body and i found out that it is crucial to virilization and is necessary to mitigate estrogen's effects in men, also that DHT is responsible for the formation of male sex-specific characteristics. As i said before im 19 years old, and my male sex-specific characteristics havent finished forming, im still getting more facial and body hair. And im concerned that if i have propecia my sex-specific chareacteristics will stop forming. If i have propecia will i stop the formation of this sex-specific characteristics? I know I wont lose the ones i have but will i stop the formation of the ones to come?