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hello everyone.
my problem is that my hair is vanishing from the front head in the shape of 'v' and i'm just 21 yrs old.i don't know why this is happening to me.

my hair started to fall when i started taking some homeopathic medicines for this problem but there is no effect and after that i noticed that my hair is starting to fall from my front head in the shape of v and now it has been much it clearly looks that i don't have hair in the shape of v in front head.

please help to stop my hairfall and prevent me from getting bald.

god bless you all.


Hello I am also of similar age 22 and started taking Prozac when I was 17. After being on it for a few weeks I noticed my hair started falling out. Even when i stopped taking it it carried on. I dont know what to do becuase I have not much hair at all now. I have recently stopped taking the medication. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem. I hate the fact I have hardy no hair at sucha young age.

Also is there any advice anyone could give me??


hey guys i would consult your gp if you think your hairloss is related to medications you are taking, but if you are unfortunately suffering from male pattern baldness then there are options
1)propecia is FDA approved for hairloss but does have some side effects in some people(discuss with gp) i personally have taken it for years with no sides

2)regaine or rogaine or minoxidil they are all the same this comes in liqiud or foam and is topical. Again this is FDA aproved for hairloss but any new growth will dissapear once use is stopped

3)nizoral shampoo is used by lots of people as its supposed to lower DHT which is the hormone that causes MPB (beware though its a harsh shampoo and should only be used a few times a week as it can dry your hair out)

there are supplements some use like msm etc which are supposed to speed up growth but don't stop hairloss

good luck!!


I will gives you some tips tats help to over come your problem,
1. Brush your hair before washing it. This way you'll remove any dirt from your hair.
2. Massage your scalp gently massage will boost your circulation.
3. Shampoo. Nobody can tell you how often you have to shampoo your hair. When you feel your hair is dirty, wash it gentle, with a shampoo that works on your hair. Read the page about how to choose the right shampoo for more.
4. Always Moisturize your hair
5. Rinse Best way to rinse your hair is by using vinegar, if possible apple vinegar. Rinsing helps your hair shine.
6. Water Try to use mildly cold water. Finish, if possible, with cold water, this will close the cuticles.
7. Drying your hair Let your hair dry naturally. Squeeze the water, and then use a towel to blot your hair. This way you'll have a moisturized, healthy hair.
8. Hairbrush Do not use a hairbrush until your hair is dry; the wet hair can be easily damaged. Avoid plastic hairbrushes; hair will probably end up in knots
9. Season, age, sex, food & drink, tobacco, all have a big influence on hair growth. Have a healthy life and you'll have a healthy hair, too
10. Hair styling Try to avoid curling irons and hair-dryers to prevent hair damage. Also, avoid heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight


Hi mischelstarus,
Thanks to you for providing such nice tips its really help me lot.
Thanks for sharing.Keep sharing.


Thanks a lot for the tips,.i love it. I will apply apple cider vinegar to my hair.