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what do you understand by nutritional requirement? briefly describe the factors which are the determinants of our nutritional requirement.


Hello divyaraj,

There are certain nutrients that you need to take in the diet to sustain your existence.  Nutrients are molelcules that you absorb in the gut and use inside your body either directly or modify them to make new molecules that your body can use.  Nutrients include vitamins like A, Bs, C, D, E, F and K.  You need protein.  The amino acids in proteins you eat are reassembled in your body to make specific proteins that you need to run cellular functions.  This is also true of fats you eat.  Sugar you take in the form of glucose is used as an energy source to make ATP.  ATP is used to run metabolic pathways.  There are other molecules in foods we eat that are not nutritious.  That is to say we don't absorb then and use them in our bodys.  These molecules would be soluble and insoluble fiber.  Even though that are not nutritious, we need them to keep our guts clean and working properly.