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Hello ladies, I'm a type 2 and have been so for about 10 years now. It seems like I'm experiencing insulin resistance. Not really surprising since I've have lost weight and I'm eating all the time. My BG is running high and I find I'm running into hypers but actually I'm swinging high low. One of the things I've noticed is that my feet have tingling sensations almost as if they are falling asleep. But more than that, my feet are cold all the time and in fact my hands are cold too. Can someone tell me what's going on with the foot situation. I kind a scaring me. Plus the fact I feel tired all the time. Thanks.


Hi Hon, Since you have high BG you should experience thirst and excess urination. You haven't mentioned this, I'm not sure why. When you have high BG this increases the osmotic pressure of your blood which stimulates thirst receptors in your brain. That makes you drink more and makes you pee more. The more you pee the more your body loses sodium which in turn stimulates your thirst receptors. It's just viscous circle.


Gaining weight recently may be due to the fact that high BG makes you hungry all the time. Shortly you may begin losing weight due to the lack of insulin or maybe your insulin resistant. This can stimulate the breakdown of fat in the body proteins in muscle causing you to lose weight. The fats your releasing will be broken down and produce ketones which can lead to ketoacidosis causing breathing problems, nervous system problems and heart problems. Since your cells can't absorb glucose, they can't make ATP to run their metabolism and this will make you feel very tired.


Your feet and hands are cold because high BG causes poor blood circulation. High BG increases osmotic blood pressure which takes water from your tissues causing your tissues to become dehydrated. Water in blood is kicked out the kidneys as pee pee which lowers your blood volume so your blood gets thicker like honey and that can't flow fast so you get poor circulation hence cold feet and hands. If this is left unchecked you can have vision problems (blindness), slow-healing with many infections and possible gangrene that can to amputation.