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Strong immune system can help protect you against many of the viruses and bacteria -doctors and researchers have found out that there are many natural ways to boost your immunity.

One of the ways to prevent an illness due to a variety of infections is by strengthening your immune system. The immune system in our body is the major defense against numerous harmful microorganisms that we are exposed to in our daily life. A strong immune system can help protect you against many of the viruses and bacteria that cause deadly infections. Doctors and researchers have found out that there are many natural ways to boost your immunity. They also have noted that consumption of certain foods can strengthen the immune system in our body.

Many of our day to day activities and lifestyle practices are known to improve our immune system. These function in many ways to build up your immunity against harmful microorganisms.


We need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleeping is a process during which our body undergoing rest for improving essential organ health and repairs damaged cells and tissues. It has been noted that individuals who sleep less are more prone to develop common infections such as common cold or flu when compared to those who get a good amount of sleep every day.

Avoid Stress

Individuals who experience high amounts of stress are more prone to infections. This has been attributed to the release of hormones called catecholamines that are known to suppress the immune system in our body. Avoiding stress and staying happy can decrease the secretion of these hormones and help you to boost up your immunity. Organize your work and life so that you can avoid being in stressful situations.

Sex and Care

Indulging in sexual activities or caring for your partner can help in the release of certain natural brain chemicals that are known to boost the immune system. A joyful time with your partner keeps you happy and increases the release of such chemicals that improve the overall well being.


Listening to your favorite music can help you strengthen your immune system. A study reported that immune levels (measured by evaluating some of the immune proteins) significantly increased after listening to music for just 30 minutes. Furthermore, it was also shown that the immune system remained active for a significant period of time after listening to music. So keep your favorite tunes handy and listen whenever possible.


Exercise has been well known to prevent a number of disorders such as diabetes and heart related disorders. It can also help in weight loss. Several studies have reported an additional benefit of exercise, immune boosting. Performing even a moderate amount of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day at least five days a week can boost your immunity. It helps to improve the blood flow and the functioning of the organs responsible for developing immunity.


The food we eat determines our ability to prevent infections and other disorders. We gain a majority of the nutrients required our body through diet. The diet we consume is also responsible for the harmful substances that result in various disorders. Therefore, regulating the food substances we consume and properly planning a healthy diet is essential for building up our immunity and preventing the occurrence of a number of disorders.

Consumption of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables naturally boosts the immunity. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain a number of biochemicals that help to improve the functioning of our body and strengthen the immune system. Fish are known to contain certain essential fats that also help in improving the immune status of the body. Chicken soup helps people heal faster and also pumps up the immune system in the body. Red meat is known to hamper the functioning of the body when consumed in high quantities and hence should be avoided. Mushrooms have been known to have an effect on the cells that are involved in fighting against disorders such as cancers. Regular consumption in moderate amounts helps the cells fight against such deadly conditions.

Nutrition Supplements

Our body requires a number of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and other substances to remain healthy. Vitamins A and C are proven to have an effect on the immune system and are helpful to fight against many harmful microorganisms. The diet we consume may not be able to supply our body with all the nutrients that we need on a regular basis and this necessitates the administration of nutritional and vitamin supplements. Zinc supplementation has been noted to increase the activity of the white blood cells that are mainly involved in providing immunity. Other nutritional supplements that are known to boost the immunity include thymus extracts and colostrum.

Herbal Supplements

Numerous herbs have a positive effect on our body. Green tea is one of the major herbs that are known to contain biochemicals called polyphenols. These polyphenols protect the body against a number of disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, cholesterol disorders and even cancers. They even help in strengthening the immune system. Other herbs known to have immune boosting effect include echinacea, golden seal, astragalus and olive leaf extracts. Further, herbs such as garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba and cayenne can improve the blood flow in our body and indirectly improve the functioning of the immune system.

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