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I've been reading online about taking vitamins supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery.  the to they recommend are vitamin B complex and vitamin C 3 times a day. will these vitamins help in reducing swelling and complications due to lifestyle facelift?





Hello ROBERT1953,

It's a good idea to load up on your vitamins particular before a surgery.  Your body is going to have to work hard to repair itself.  Vitamin C is a antioxidant that protects you from free radicals which helps to keep the molecules in your cells healthy and working properly.  B vitamins are coenzymes that are essential (you can't make them).  You have to take them in your diet or by supplementation.  B vitamins or coenzymes are necessary to activate enzymes that run your metabolic pathways.  A number of the B vitamins are involved with makeing ATP, the energy currency of the cell.  Your cells are going to require a lot of energy and healthy running metabolic pathways to rebuild from the surgery.  Good Luck on your facelift!