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but i do kajukenbo and its been getting to the point where it's ridiculously hard on me physically especially when i have to fight against 3 other people at the same time for testing.

but does any one know if you focus on a certain kind of vitamin/nutrient in you diet to help you


Proteins, minerals and fluids. Our muscle tissue is made up of proteins, and so are our blood cells & the majority of our functioning organs.Proper protein intake is highly important for Kajukenbo. Foods that are abundant with proteins are: Meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Dairy products, Nuts, Soy beans & products such as tofu, Dried beans. Minerals are bodys building blocks. We need a daily supply of them in changing amounts for our bodily mechanism to function well. The most important minerals are iron and calcium. Adequate fluid intake maintains coordination (and other physical attributes), concentration & endurance. Body temperature is regulated by water, which also maintains muscle ability to contract. Water helps our body to get rid of excess salt and waste.