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HIYA, I was wondering who thinks eating protein makes blood glucose? I mean how do you make sugar out of protein? Just doesn't seem right. I really don't know anything about how the body works. All that metabolism and everything. It looks pretty complicated to me. Is anybody up on metabolism out there? I would surely like to know. I never studied biology to learn these things and my chemistry is practically non existent. Could someone explain this in simple terms that I can understand? I think I took chemistry back in grade school but that was a long time ago. It would be very appreciative. Thanks to all of you.



Hello, YES, you can make glucose out of protein and in fact your cells do this when they run out of sugar to make energy with. Proteins are made up of amino acids. When the protein is broken down in to its component parts (single amino acids), they can but put through the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle (TCA) and turned into sugar. This chemical pathway takes place in the mitochondria inside your cells. This metabolic pathway runs itself backwards and turns the amino acids into glucose. Then the glucose comes forward in this metabolic cycle and turned into ATP. ATP is the energy molecule that runs most of your metabolic pathways. You can do that same thing with fat as well. Fat can be turned into glucose as well. When you burn all your sugar up, then you burn fat. When you use up all your fat, then you burn protein. Your diet is probably pretty high in protein, so your cells will use some of that protein to make glucose since your diet is low in sugar. Hope that wasn't to complicated. Metabolism is a difficult subject and takes a fair amount of college to get it. I hope this was of some help.