I need help and I hope someone can help me make sense of all this. I was put on micoestrin about 4 months ago, I wanted it for birth control and to manipulate my period for my wedding. I had many adverse side affects breakthrough was one of them so I took it for 4 months so I would be use to it and have my period on the right days. June 25th I started a new pack and took 2 weeks worth ( I got married july 1st) and becuase I started bleeding on the 7th we decided that was enough so on the 9th of july I stopped taking the pill. We decided I would go back to the dr and get something better. The following monday , the 17th, the doctor put me on yasmin. Now heres where it gets odd, becuase we are newlyweds and neither of us like condoms at all so I started taking them thinking they were affective immediatly, I didnt want to wait until I started my period. I know I ovulated that week. What are the chances of yasmin prevnting a pregnacy or that the other pill I was taking would help prevent it. Someone please help me!