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I give my boyfriend oral sex but he never ejaculates in my mouth, but he says he wants to cum in my mouth from now on but i dont know.. He told me he wants me to swallow it. I'd be willing to but im not sure cause when a guy ejaculates doesnt it like squirt out? And if i swallow it im pretty sure i wont get pregnant, right?
i feel kinda dumb for asking, cause i know a lot of girls swallow the cum..
well i just wanna be sure


You say you've already given him oral sex so I'm sure you've already seen the volume of cum he ejaculates and the force it comes out. Some guys forcefully squirt cum and some dribble, it varies. Pay attention to the next time your boyfriend cums to see how his is.

You cannot get pregnant from swallowing semen.


For some reason, swallowing is very important to a man..

I read in a book, that it's saying you take the gift he's given you, and you love it.. Or something..

Swallowing seaman will not get you pregnant sweetie... Think of it this way.. To get pregnant, the seaman needs to go into your uterus, and fertilize an egg.. Right? To be able to get pregnant from swallowing, it'd need to enter into your uterus. When you eat, does your food go through your uterus? Nope. There is no chance of getting pregnant.

And as for the squirting.. I agree with Ninja. Watch next time.. And maybe even taste it, if you haven't already. So you know what you are in for..

Hope this helps!