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Sperm/ pre- cum questions:
1. Can sperm go through somewhat wet clothing?
- I've done research, and many people state no. But, one day I was dry humping with my boyfriend. I wasn't wearing underwear, but he was wearing boxers and basketball shorts. He was pushing his penis into my vagina through his clothes. We've done this for a couple of weeks. Though I don't think he pre- came or anything, he even said that he didn't get his "stuff" on me. When I got off him he said his shorts felt wet, but that was probably me... whoops. Anyways, if he did pre- cum or such... can I get pregnant that way?

2. Can you transfer sperm from the mouth into the vagina?
- I've also done some reasearch on this and people say no. You see, after my boyfriend ejaculates in my mouth sometimes makes out with me and eats me out for awhile. I swallow, but i'm aware that sperm can live in the mouth because of it's enviornment. Can him making out with me and eating me out [sometimes inserting his tongue in my vagina] , after that kind scenario, get me pregnant?

Health questions:

1. Very light brown vaginal fluids and little stomaches with a bubbly feeling?
- This happend today, the day after we really did most of these things for a couple of hours [no sex though]. The fluid really light brown and only shows up on my panty liner and not when I whipe. I've also been having little stomachaches with a bubbly feeling in my stomach. I think I usually get these feelings before I have my period. This usually happens a couple of days before my peroid. I think my period should be coming on the 23rd, though i'm really irregular. I'm scared that it can be something else. I'm trying not to freak out, because i've been through this kind of situation plenty of times. And I think i'm just thinking I am pregant and making myself have symptoms. Could it be that I am?

Any chance I can be pregant, due to my scenarios presented? Any possible answers out there will be appreciated, I really need some support and reassurance... thank you! (:


I did post a rather lengthy reply to a similar concern (maybe search yoga pants) but briefly:

no and no, but nothing's impossible; just in this case incredibly unlikely - the problem is, someone does win the lottery, and look at the odds on that.

Dry humping? Doesn't sound very dry - it's almost painful to read. Can't you at least consider going on the pill, so at least that's one issue out of the way. And for what it's worth, I'm not even sure you're 'avoiding' sex, as far as the law is concerned: it doesn't distinguish as best I recollect oral, masturbation or intercourse. Still, it's your underwear.

... and who knows? You're not taking contraception seriously, because I don't think you think you're having sex, but you're getting as wet and close as possible, and all it takes is one Rambo sperm, and maybe, just maybe, someone wins the lottery and you lose your bet on not being pregnant.

You're going to save yourself a lot of grief by either backing off or getting real, being responsible either way.

If you miss your period, you will possibly be only the second contender for immaculate conception ever, and the first woman had a whole religion centred around her (and they crucified her son). If you want to avoid that, now's the time.