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Hey there, 

I know there are likely a hundred other posts similar to this one but of all the ones I have read there seems to be nothing completely the same as my condition, there are always slightly different symptoms, other symptoms, etcetera.

A couple of nights ago I noticed a raised vein on the top of my penis, underneath the foreskin. The raised 'vein' itself is blue/purple. It does not exceed a centimeter in length but none the less is sore, and when applying even the slightest pressure to it hurts/feels sore.

I wondered whether anyone else had suffered the same and might advise me on whether the vein will go back to normal on its own, or if I would need to consult with a doctor on treatment to get the vein to return to its normal size.

Note; I am a 20 year old male, and have no history of severe illness and none specifically relating to my penis. I will be going to a doctor in the coming few days, but (as I'm sure you can understand) I am worried as to what exactly this is, and why it has happened. The only thing I can think of is that, given the location of the vein (just underneath the topside 'collar' of my penis' head, and under the foreskin, it may be where I have tried to get a condom down my penis only to have it snap down there and I may have pinched it trying to move it from that position.

Any other information I've left out, please say and I'll provide it best as I can.


I have a similar vein, running on the top of my penis, almost from the glans all the way to the base. My doctor told me this is normal, but I never experienced any pain. I think there might be a small haematoma, but you should see a doctor if it doesn't go away in few days.