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im 15, when flaccid, my foreskin can retract all the way over my penis but when erect , firstly its too tight(i think i have phismosis) and also there is like a vein thing that joins the head of my penis, just under the hole(soz,no technical terms) to my foreskin so that even when flaccid, my peins head kinda bends over because of the vein when i try and retract it. is this vein norma? i really worried so please reply. thnx


The opening in the head of the penis is the meatus.

The connecting vein, as you call it, is not really a vein, but a connective tissue that can be adjusted through minor surgery. This type of procedure can be done in a doctor's office under local pain killers... however, at age 15, I'm not sure that a doctor will do this without your parents' consent.

It certainly would be worth an examination by the doctor to evaluate you.
At age 15, you're not done growing, and things will continue to change.

If you need a topic to introduce this, ask the doctor about having a dorsal slit performed to ease the foreskin during erection. They may or may not agree that this is the way to proceed... but it starts with that examination and visit.

Good luck.


What you call the "vein" actually is connective tissue called the frenulum. Almost everyone with a foreskin has a frenulum although a few males are born without a frenulum.

The frenulum limits the rearward retraction of the foreskin.

Sometimes the frenulum can be too short and will not let the foreskin slip back. This is called "frenulum breve".

It is normal for the frenulum to pull the head down when you pull the foreskin back.