A rare, bad strain of Chlamydia called “lymphogranuloma venereum,” or LGV has been spreading mostly among and bisexual men. This strain has been linked to high risk of getting or spreading the AIDS virus.
Although there are just a couple of new cases in USA, the bacteria has already caused outbreaks in Europe. The situation is worrisome and it is thought that the numbers of infected people may be higher. It is hard to say because the infection is hard to diagnose and may resemble IBS for example.
Symptoms are different from asymptomatic regular Chlamydia and include swollen lymph nodes in the groin; genital or rectal ulcers; painful bowel movements and other gastrointestinal symptoms. LGV infects both sexes, but new cases were found mostly among men having sex with other men.
The rise of infected people is especially seen in Western Europe and Britain and the numbers are worrisome. One clinic even reported seeing one to two new patients a week.
Comforting is the fact that the bacterium is not resistant to antibiotics and that three weeks of doxycycline treatment should clear the infection. The problem doctors are facing now is raising awareness and pushing individuals to get tested. People infected with this bacterium are more prone to transmitting and catching HIV virus.
However, testing is also difficult and because of this, no one knows how prevalent LGV truly is.