Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections and while the cases in many Western countries are decreasing, the number of infected in UK is still on the rise.

The biggest problem with Chlamydia is that it often causes no symptoms and the people don’t even know they have, so they continue having unprotected sex and spreading the disease. While the consciousness of Chlamydia infection and other STD’s and it’s negative effects is high in majority of Western European countries, it seems that this may not be the case in UK because people are still having unprotected intercourses and the Chlamydia infection cases are on the rise despite the numerous government’s campaigns.

In order to enable people to get tested quickly and at privacy of their homes, health experts in UK have made a home Chlamydia test, which would give results in 10 minutes. The Preventx kit is said to be 98% accurate. If the person has the infection, the swab would turn purple in 10 minutes time.

Chlamydia could lead to many complications if left untreated. It could cause problems in pregnancy and lead to infertility in both males and females. It is most prevalent among teenagers and the majority of new cases are women under the age of 25.