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Is chlamydia most common to women or men? ?


Women are those who are more prone to Chlamydia. It would be actually more accurate to say teenage girls. They have the highest rates and the problem is that Chlamydia is on the rise all over the world at the moment.

The main reason for worrying is that Chlamydia is most often asymptomatic and many people don’t get appropriate treatment. The thing with Chlamydia is that it is very easily treated.

If symptoms show up, they could be pretty recognizable and include constant lower abdominal pain; mucus-like vaginal discharge, nausea and fever, pain during urination or sexual activity and even spotting between periods.
The biggest problem with Chlamydia is that it could lead to huge problems and even cause infertility if not treated. Women may get inflammation of the cervix; inflammation of the fallopian tubes; ectopic pregnancy; and men may develop epidydimitis or pelvic inflammatory disease if bacteria moves up in the body and lower urinary tract.
Have you been found to be infected with Chlamydia?