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okay, so here it goes. 

the day after i finished my last period, i think around October 2nd or 3rd, i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he came. Then somewhere around the 9-12 we did it again and the condom broke but we didn't know. I took Plan B the same day. On the 13 we had unprotected sex again but he didnt cum this time. I usually get my period around the very end of the month to the very begining of the next, so like around the 28th or so. 

2 days ago i noticed a little bit of brownred blood, and i can't tell if it's my period or spotting. it's been happening on and off since then, i mostly notice it when i pee...

if anyone has any advice or anything helpful please, please pleassseee let me know! 



Ok hello everyone I need some advice. Satrted my last period september 23 its usually 4 days long I had unprotected sex 8 days after my period had started for the last week I've been very nauseous and today( october 16th) I noticed a light pink discharge but my period isn't due for another 5 days and I have some slight cramping this is new for me I've had a baby already and this didn't happen before but I also have very regular periods and this doesn't usually happen before my periods is it possible I'm pregnant?