My last period was from dec.9th to the 16th it was a normal flow period. I thought i was suppose to start on jan.8th or 9th but starting jan.5th i started lightly spotting i woke up to only seeing on spot on my underwear. It lasted for 7 days and could only be seen when urinating or wiping hardly any would show on pantyliner. I would now guess that i am 21 dpo if ovulated on the 25th of december. 3 test all neg. Regular af has not come and if the spotting isnt a period i am now a week late. I have been having slight cramps and a pinching like feeling in my abdomen one day it could be on the right and the next the left. My breast are not tender like the normally are before a period. I have been feeling like i urinate more often and i feel bloated even sometimes when i havent eaten yet. Can implantation spotting last 7 days? And now i noticed quite a bit of watery discharge. Is pregnancy even a possibility with my situation. I have an appt Thursday at womens clinic but according to them they dont do blood tests. Should i wait and test again if they dont test me at my appt? Advice and experiences would be helpful just to get an idea of where to go and what could be happening. Thanks so much.