Hello. i am a mother of two trying to get pregnant with number three. The past 3 months I studied my cycles and been trying to concieve just last month and this month. i feel that im in tune with my body and cycles. my first day of my last peirod was december 31st 2012. my cycles are usually 25 days. it says i should have been fertile from the 8th to the 13th. i had bad cramping on the 10th and then again on the 11th so i think thats when i ovulated. we had sex every other day all that week. now today going into 6 dpo im having sharp cramping in lower vagina and had some pink spotting earlier today. i am thinking the cramping with spotting could be implantation. i bought a test but havent taken it yet was thinking of taking it in the morning. the calculator said my next peirod or positive test should be around jan 25. i go to the dr for areg check up on the 21st. should i ask for a blood test? please help!