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I am a 24 year old male in good health in the mornings i eat or drink anything and i vomit it back up as well as some times through out the day i dont want to go to any doctors until i have a general idea of what i am dealing with and also prepare myself to deal with the actual results any information about those symptoms would be greatly appriciated.

adam wagner


It sounds like GERD to me although my brother, who is 25, doesn’t vomit so often but it happens that parts of the food and liquid end up in his mouth. This doesn’t happen to all the people who suffer from GERD only to those whose upper esophageal sphincters don’t close properly and food and acid end up in throat.

You could be also having problems with improper emptying of your stomach.

If you haven’t been intentionally inducing the vomiting after meals, you should turn to your GP that could refer you to a gastroenterologist if s/he thought it is necessary.
Once GERD is diagnosed, it means that you would probably have to take medications for good. However, I think this is much better than suffering from those nasty GERD symptoms. You would probably have to undergo endoscopy or even x-rays of the esophagus, stomach, and upper part of the intestine before that in order to evaluate your problem.