Hi. I'm having some issues with swallowing and I have a history of one esophageal stricture and GERD. I had an Barium Swallow, upper GI done a week ago which showed the following:

Several swallows result in some mild incomplete emptying of the distal esophagus which would represent a pattern of mild dysmotility. There is no fold prominence, stricture nor evidence of a malignancy.

Stomach and Duodenal bulb and sweep are normal.

Impression: Mild Esophageal Dysmotility most probably related to mild esophagitis.


1) Would this finding be the cause of my swallowing problems and if so why?
2) Does this Upper GI test show my throat muscles too so if I had a problem with my pharynx this would show up, thus this is exclusively an esophageal problem?

My worry is that this is a neuromuscular problem such a ALS.