Several months ago I was diagnosed with GERD due to waking up with burning chest and throat and constant heart burn. My physician sent me to see a Gastroenterologist and he scheduled me for an Upper GI and Esophogram because I feel a constant slight pressure on the front of my throat, like someone's thumb gently pressing on my adam's apple.

I've recently had a few episodes where I wake up choking and unable to catch my breath, and once this lead to very painful gagging (sharp soreness in my throat) which made me feel like I needed to vomit. What I expelled was bright yellow (bile, I assume) with a little blood in it.

Through all of this, none of these doctors has done a throat culture. Should I next see ENT? I suppose I wait first for the tests UGI and Esopho results. Deep down inside I believe this all stems from stress. Could I be right? Any other suggestions for treatment or what I should look for in treatment?

Thank you for any insight.