For many years I have had a problem with my digestion where I can not eat any fruit, ice cream, fatty meat or anything fibrous as I can regurgitate these items up to 6 hours after consuming them. I have controlled my regurgitation by knowing what I can eat and what I can not.

I went to see the top Gastro man at Groote Schuur Hospital 6 years ago and he could not work out what the problem was even after many visits and a spell in the hospital.  The 6 hours time frame should have rung alarm bells for him.

I have often Googled my symptoms and just this last month on one of the top Gastro hospital web sites in the US of A, one came up with the diagnosis and it is called Gastroparesis. In a nutshell, I have paralysis of the stomach. Consumed food is normally mulched within the stomach and within an hour or so, when the particles are digested and small enough, passes into the small intestines. With Gastroparesis, the stomach does not grind or pulverize the food and it will remain static in the stomach for up to 6 hours before being passed into the small intestines.

I must say that the problem does have its upside. No smelly poops, poops are nice and solid (not sticky) and farts are totally odorless.