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Im a 30 year old woman who, before becoming ill, had a healthy pesco-vegetarian diet and exercised 5 x / week. One Sunday, one month ago, I started to feel nauseous. the next few days I had diarrhea (no vomiting), and stomach cramps, but I assumed it was just the 3 day gastro flu. i continued to eat those first 3 days. on the wednesday i had a salad, and ended up violently vomiting and having diarrhea for over an hour. the worst symptom-  excrutiating upper-middle abdominal pain.

For 2 more weeks I tried eating crackers one day, yogurt the next, oatmeal the next...and I could not get anything down, even if only 2 bites, without the excrutiating pain and cramping for hours. the symptoms appear around 30 minutes after I eat, and grow until they subside 3-6 hours later. It's as if my body refuses to digest food and rejects it. Even non-clear liquids like Ensure werent ok. 

At the 3 week mark of drinking apple juice and vegetable broth every day, i was finally able to eat a bit of yogurt...the next day a sandwich and some soup, and then i had a slice of pizza and thought my nightmare was over. until the next day, when i went back to square one. i know eating pizza isnt ideal after not eating for 3 weeks...but now its been an additional 1.5 weeks since then of being unable to eat or drink ANYTHING except apple juice and veg broth. 

I have lost 15 pounds, and was in shape to begin with. I have no energy, no diagnosis, and am really getting quite depressed over this. I have been to emergency 4 times for pain, 2 clinic doctors, my family doctor 3 times, and a GI. I had an endoscopy that only showed a hernia, ultrasounds and blood work that showed inflamed pancreas and liver but 'nothing serious' according to docs..a CT scan...blood work that showed high lipase at first, then nothing the second test. ive had an x-ray which confirmed the hernia and 'a whole lot of gas' according to that doctor. had a stool test that showed no parasites.

The GI had an appt with me while sedated (at the endoscopy) so it was the nurse that really explained what i should do. she said i had a hernia and should follow a gerd diet-  which in NO WAY helped me since i was in the hospital in the first place for severe pain when eating, not explained at all by a hernia. The GI put me on a medication to push food through your system faster, which only makes me very ill since im not eating. he booked my follow-up for 4 months from now and tells me to keep taking the domperidone. 

I am in too much pain to go on this way. I will dead by the time a doctor takes my pain can I go four more months without any food? Im still vomiting and having diarrhea every day I try to touch food in addition to the severe pain for hours. Im at a loss at what to do now. I dont know how much longer I can do this..  



since the situation is so bad that you can't eat practically anything, I urge you to get a second opinion from a different gastroenterologist. It sounds to me like the one GI specialist you saw thinks you're suffering from gastroparesis - a very difficult to treat condition where you lose the upper and lower GI system motility.

And domperidone is usually prescribed to fight both nausea and slow food passage through the GI system, but with warning not to be prescribed when something is obstructing your GI system - and your hernia might be doing just that,

Wish you all the best,