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My daughter-in-law, Amber,just geve birth Friday afternoon, Sept 22. She developed toximia and remained in labor for quite an extended period of time She was treated she Magnesium and became very sick from the side effects. The baby was delivered by Caeserian section and is doing very well. My question relates to Amber. She is very sick, suffering painful cramps and hasn't had much sleep for 4 days. The pain medications cause constipation so she is abstaining form them and taking ibuprofin. Is there any holistic remedy/brew that can help with the cramps and not negatively effect baby (she's breast feeding )or mother?


Hi there and congrats on teh new grand-baby! As you are aware, no delivery can go without some amount of post delivery cramping but some people have theirs more severe than others. I would tell her to take what ever it is that the doctor has prescribed for the pain and get her some SOFLAX (docusate sodium gelcaps USP) This is what the doctor gave me after delivery (yes, I was breastfeeding and it is safe for baby) it will ward off the constipation from the medication and hopefully this will give her some releif. Also, if it is her bowels that are causing the cramping (some women are afraid to release their bowels after delivery for fear that is will hurt) she just may need some SOFLAX for that. SOFLAX can be purchased over the counter at any drug store and isn't very expensive.

GOOD LUCK and congrats again!