New research found that medium dose of cannabis can help in reducing pain in healthy people. Scientists performed a study and enrolled 15 people in it. All of them were healthy and they inhaled medical cannabis or took placebo after induced pain.

Report of the study showed that low dosage of marijuana had no effect on relieving patient’s pain, a medium dose induced significant pain relief and large amount of cannabis increased the pain. One of the participants reported that decrease on pain after medium dose of cannabis and there was also some correlation between plasma levels of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis and decreased pain. Interesting conclusion which researchers found was that the analgesics from cannabis didn’t work immediate, it took them about 45 minutes to relief the pain.

Important thing about this study is that it helps people understand that only medium dose of cannabis has a therapeutic value. High dose of cannabis isn’t working better, sometimes it can have quite the opposite effect, especially when combined with some medications such as antidepressants.