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I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil can be effective and alternative meds for people suffering with lupus. Pain and inflammation are two commonly recognized therapeutic properties of cannabis, so its ability to treat lupus effectively is not surprising. Like review on a Northern Lights strain. This  plant has very high CBD and pain suppresing effect. Let me also hear your thoughts or personal experience when it come with medical marijuana. Thanks  

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Rick Simpson - phoenix tears has a web page where they tell how they cured cancer with that and wants to spread the awareness.
I think it seems like a powerful plant for many things.
Never used cannabis or anything related to that, but that is what I will try if I get cancer.
In my country it is illegal, thus I'd need to travel to some other country to try to save my life with it.

Even one terminal cancer patient who was around 10 years old got that oil and he recovered. Doctors had given him less than a week to live and luckily his parents refused to give up and decided to do the oil against the law and the boy was saved.