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One year ago, August 2005, I was infected by N. Gonorrhea by a SEX WORKER. After 1 week of contact, I felt a DISCHARGE from the tip of my penis. I did not go to a doctor because I felt embarrassed. I just bought 10 caplets of BACTRIM FORTE 800mg from the drugstore and took it every 6 hours. After less than a week, the discharge was gone. But soon afterward the symptoms I describe under PATIENT’S COMPLAINTS begun to surface.

After a week, I went to a local doctor who prescribed 2 tablet of Zithromax 500. The pain and frequent urination did not stop. After a month, I decided to go to our local hospital, the doctors there prescribed and injected me with Ceptriaxone Na (1 IV injection, September 2005). The pain and the frequent urination did not disappear.

October 2005, my wife, a nurse, went home from abroad. I told her I got an infection but the discharge is already gone; however there is still pain and frequent urination. She was very angry at me. The next day she took a GRAM STAIN SMEAR sample from the tip of my penis and took it to the laboratory. The medtech however DID NOT find anymore infection.

In December 2005, I consulted an Urologist in a nearby city. He took a sample of my urine, and viewed it under the microscope. He told me, my urine is CLEAN and free of bacteria whatsoever. He also examined my prostate, and did not say a thing. With that, he prescribed Driptane 5 mg for my frequent urination, and Muskelax for pain. I took the medicines he prescribed for a month or so. The side effect of Driptane is worst than the cure.

Thinking that I was preoccupying my mind too much of my sickness, I enrolled at 6 Months Caregiver Course at a nearby school (February 2006). I went to the school with my bicycle, a good exercise for me. I somewhat forgot my sickness during my schooling, finished the course after 6 months (August 2006), however there were still painful moments.

Currently, I am on a carrot juice therapy. It’s very good for me. Lots of beta carotene (Provitamin A) in the carrot juice, and anti-oxidants. Gives me more energy. My urination is somewhat improving. However, I would still like to have a doctor’s Diagnosis, Explanation of my ailment, Prognosis, and Treatment.

-Adam 3011