People are quite confused about the use of cannabis and its effects and are not sure whether it is linked to mental psychosis or not because scientists themselves can’t agree on the topic.

The use of cannabis is so spread that the plant is being cultivated as an indoor plant under the lamps without soil. The “smokers” enjoy the effects of the substance called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is found to have the “high” effect on the brain. THC present in cannabis accumulates in the brain and produces mental and physical instability, changes in color perception, emotional stress and anxiety. Today, cannabis contains more than 20 times of THC than the one cultivated 30 years before.

The statistics about the spread and use of cannabis are a cause for concern because the age of first cannabis use has been reduced drastically with teens started using this drug.

While some scientists believe that the use of cannabis could lead to mental psychosis, others believe that patients who have mental illness mostly take cannabis to relieve their symptoms.