Recent research found that extracts of the marigold plant can be effective in treating planter warts on the foot of patients diagnosed with HIV who don’t respond good to other therapies because of their weakened immune system. Researchers claim that plantar warts are very common among adults but they are harder to treat in HIV patients and this new therapy called Marigold Therapy seems to have significant results in treating this condition among HIV patients. Marigold therapy is an alternative treatment for small skin lesions called verrucae.

Experts found that treatment significantly reduced the number of the warts in four to six sessions. This treatment was used when other treatments failed to show an improvement. This alternative therapy doesn’t compromise immune system and that’s why it’s better than other therapies. Marigold therapy is consisted of creams, ointments, tinctures and oils that contain extracts of several kinds of plant called marigold.

Researchers say that all mixtures work differently and while one mixture has antiviral properties another mixture has kerolytic qualities which are best for treating corns and calluses.