New research developed scanner that’s able to combine two kinds of body imaging: positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Experts said that this scanner was built for cancer research. MRI scanner can provide exquisite structural detail but little functional information and PET scanner can show body process but not structures. Researchers said that they can correlate the structure of a tumor by MRI with the functional information from PET and in that way understand what’s happening inside a tumor.

This new scanner is a combination of MRI and PET scanner and is difficult to handle because these two scanners interfere with each other. Magnetic fields on MRI scanners can be disturbed by metallic objects inside the scanner and they can seriously effect the detectors and electronics needed for PET scanning. It is also hard to fit everything together inside of scanner because of limited space within the scanner.

At the end of the study report researchers revealed that the technology enabled the research team to show that the scanner could acquire accurate PET and MRI images at the same time from test objects and mice.