Researchers have indentified an enzyme (PKCe) that is active during diabetes and blocks the availabillity of insulin which is a hormon made in the pancreas that helps convert the sugar in our blood into energy in our muscles. Now what scientists need to do is develop a targeted pharmaceutical that will inhibit his enzyme and allow the cells that are producing insulin to do their job.

Researchers say that no existing drug does what a PKCe inhibitor would do and that is to be active only on the pancreas that’s diabetic and allow it to produce insulin when it’s most needed.

Fat molecules reduce the ability of muscle to respond to insulin – “insulin resistance”. For people who don’t have diabetes body response by producing more insulin but people with diabetes can’t do that because fat molecules disrupt the ‘beta’ cells in their pancreas that produce insulin.
In a research with genetically modified mice that had no PKCe and who were fed with high fat diets, the result was that they became fat and insulin resistant but failed to develop diabetes and instead, they prodiced more insulin.

What this tells us is that lack of PKCe restores the capacity of the pancreas to produce insulin. Blocking this enzyme won’t stop patients with diabetes from becoming insulin resistant but it will restore their capacity to compensate. This is better way to control diabetes then with the drugs who target pancreas and can overstimulate beta cells and by that reduce the effectiveness of insulin.