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Hello, at work my coworkers sprayed some of the computer compressed air. The can was put on it's side and you could see what I guess was the liquid spraying out. We all noticed a difference in our breathing even though it was only sprayed three times in the air. I put a fan up to create air movement but can you tell me if the lungs will heal within time ? We are all a little worried. It's been about 3 days, each day improving slowly.

Any help would be appreciated.



It depends upon how much gas you inhaled as to how badly, if at all, your lungs were damaged.

My advice is to check with your doctor. If it was just a light exposure I wouldn't expect you to have symptoms after 3 days. Describe exactly what happened and how long you were exposed. They can listen to your lungs, see if there are any abnormal sounds, and if necessary follow up with other tests.

Believe it or not, kids sometimes inhale this stuff, it's called huffing. Yes, it can and does KILL them. It is not a joke and it is not just compressed air. There are other chemicals in it. Someone needs to have a talk with that coworker too.


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As an electronics technician I use that stuff all the time. By turning the can upside down we get a liquid spray that acts as a freeze spray. We use freeze spray to diagnose heat related problems. I have never had a breathing problem related to using it so I would say if you do, you should seek medical attention. It sounds like you got a seriously heavy dose of it.

The can I have in front of me says it is 1,1,1,2 Tetrafluoroethane but there are probably several other types of "compressed air" for cleaning.