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Recently I have suffered pain on the right side of my body ranging from the testicle up to belly button level (but not on the belly button). The pain ranges from mild to moderate and painkillers like tylenol and advil have little to no effect. Also the pain lessens if I sit or lie down for a while. I went to the doctor he said I probably pulled a muscle. I had no signs of hernia, appendicitis, or any of the many common testicular issues such as torsion.

So OK, I made sense! I play tennis at the moment and I tend to twist my body in weird ways. But after the doctor visit I noticed that my right testicle had risen about a half-inch from normal!

Is it still possible that this is still a pulled muscle (been about 5 days since to pain started and 3 since it reached its peak which it's at constantly now) or some other complication?


The pain has intensified, sharpened, and confined itself below the waistline. In much pain!