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I actually had two torsions / left testicle got bigger and hotter in temperature. During those two times, I saw that my testicle got so big in the scrotum it actually twisted to its side instead of it appearing straight forward.

After my first torsion
I went to the hospital and the swelling died down and it returned to normal temperature. However, I noticed my testicles appeared to be lower than normal. However, there was no pain and everything appeared to be normal so I went on without any pain or discomfort. That torsion was over 3-5 months ago.

Second Torsion
Happened last week , I believe I sat on it. I realized that my stomache was hurting, so I went to the can a couple times but noticed I didn't have to go at all. Then I realized the abdomen pain was coming from my testicle. It got hotter and bigger and I had to cool it down with cold water and it shrunk in size. It again looked twisted to its side which got me.

Now a week after the second torsion.. a tingling discomfort and minor pain comes every couple of minutes. I also realize that my testicles are at a higher location and no longer hanging low anymore. And my left testicle use to be bigger than the right one, now it's actually smaller than the right one.

CAn anyone help me with this?

I'm probably going to visit the hospital within the next couple of days to see a urologist maybe get a scan or two. And also because I'm kind of scared about any fertility issues because of the higher temperatures and the two torsions.


Testicular torsion is not to be taken lightly. Please endeavour to see your doctor at once.


Testicular torsion is a medical emergency that needs immediate Dr.s help. Go straight to the nearest emergency room for help. Testicles can die in as little as 2 to 6 hours if the twisted cords cut off enough blood flow. More time to save them exists if the blood flow is partial and not fully blocked off by the torsion. Once the damage is done its very hard or impossible to save a dead testicle or revive a mostly damaged and shrinking testicle. Some testicles will recover and grow again with enough healing time. Dr.s can't do much to save shrinking and dying balls. My Dr.s say no treatment once they are too damaged to save. Go see a Dr. right away and see if your spermatic cords are still twisted and need surgery to straighten out and secure both nuts inside your scrotum to prevent future torsion in both balls.