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My other question was probably to long so no one replied to it so im gonna try to keep this 1 SHORT and SIMPLE. want more advice read my other thread.

Im worried about a lump located back of left testicle, which constantly flips so the lump is on top. could this be due to the the testicle not connected properly to the connective tissue?

It occurs when i wake up in the morning, to just sitting down watching tv or on computer, to doing upper body work outs. im going to list the things that have been occuring and hopfully some one could give me a dignosis.

Have Obtained: hydrocele, Osteitis Pubis (from football (AFL),

Symptoms: painful testicle ( comes and go's, often goes with prescription pain killers), lower abdominal pain, having trouble digesting ( could be another non related issue) (now taking laxitives)

Im assuming an hernia? (maybe a sport hernia) does a hernia affect the intestines if i assume to have a bit of intestine in my scrotum?

Hopfully thats short enough. more info in other thread.

I will be going to the doc but and advice is much appreciate.



so no 1 can help me with this problem? any advice?
always occurs when i wake up in the morning and is quiet painful until i put it back into its place. if it rotated 360 degrees would it still be painful?


Holy c**p. Don't twist your testicles or you will get torsion! The lump at the back of your testicles could just be an epididymal cyst or spermatocele. You could ask your GP to request an ultrasound to verify this.

If you feel pain in your testicles that lasts for more than a few minutes, then you have to get it checked by a doctor. If the pain persists, then ask to see a urologist. If the pain is severe, then go to the ER. It's crazy the stuff some dudes/blokes put up with due to whatever nonsense reasons they have for not seeking immediate medical help.



Men and boys can have detached gubernaculums. Gubernaculums are tissue attached to the bottom of each testicle and connect to the bottom of the scrotum. These tissues hold the balls in the scrotum and anchor them down so they don t twist into testicular torsion or leave the bag and float around in your gut. One in every 8 males have detached gubernaculums. Only one in every 4000 males ever get testicular torsions. Mosy guys with detached gubernaculums just let their balls travel around in their bags and even climb up and out of the scrotum to their stomach area and then return on their own back down to the scrotum again.

If your testicle twists around on its cords like a 180 or 360 or more rotation, it can reduce or completely block off the flow of blood and oxygen to that testicle and that can damage or kill a ball if the twist is severe enough and stops the blood flow long enough. You need a dr to untwist a ball if its tightly cutting off the blood flow. That needs to be done ideally within 2 to 6 hours by surgery or the dr manually untwisting that testicle nby hand and then checking it with an ultrasound of the scrotum and testicles after to confirm it is untwisted. Usually torsioned balls will hurt very bad or go completely numb if enough blood is cut off from reaching the testicles.