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Everyday i wake up with salty mouth in the morning and i am facing this for more than a year. 2ndly at night i find my mouth dry so i have to wake up and drink water. i am 34 years old. My mother is patient of highblood pressure and diabetese. I rememebr she also faces salty mouth problem in the morning. i dont think i have diabetese and high blood pressure at this age. i am not taking any drugs and i don't drink alcohol.

Can u suggest me what should i do???


Hello Irfan,

The major cause of salty taste in your mouth in the morning is because you ate some salt.  However, there can be other reasons.  You mentioned that your mother is diabetic.  Diabetics often experience dry mouth and can be dehyrdated as well.  This will cause a salty taste in the mouth.  As far as diabetes goes your never too young to develop diabetes.  A salty mouth can occur due to a B12 deficienty and or a zinc deficiency.  Another possiblity is infected salivary glands.  So, you see there can be a number of problems.  I would cut back on salt consumptions and take a multivitamin and see if that doesn't help.  You might want to double your vitamin dose to do a front end load and get your system running properly.