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I am feeling my mouth very salty now a days. Sometimes i feel i am having raw salt.
i am 42 year old. I am High BP patient. I take One Repalol a day.
what could be the reason ?


The causes of your condition may include the followings:

Salty Saliva: Saliva that secretes in your mouth from salivary glands is responsible for the taste you feel in your mouth. Different saliva has different chemical composition and accordingly the taste varies. There are a number of reasons for secretion of salty taste saliva in mouth. When salivary gland diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome or bacterial infection, sialadenitis, infect salivary gland, salty taste saliva may be secreted resulting salty taste in your mouth.

If our body is chronically dehydrated, salty taste saliva is secreted. Dehydration may occur due to inadequate intake of fluids or excessive fluid loss in our body. Excess intake of alcohol or caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks result in dehydration making saliva saltier.

Postnasal Drainage:
Postnasal Drainage such as sinus infection, bacterial sinusitis form mucus in the nostrils. This mucus drains down through the mouth causing salty taste.

Tears are salty in taste, when they enter in the naval cavity; they flow down through the throat resulting in salty taste. This happens rarely.

Side effects of some medicines such as chemotherapy drugs and anti-thyroid medicines cause saltiness in mouth.

Health Problems:
Rarely salty taste occurs due to neurological disorders such as brain tumor or epilepsy or migraine and nutritional deficiency.